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Friday 10 February 2012 | Published in Regional


The rugby league masters season got off to a good start with about 40 players turning up for their first game at the Swamp last Friday.

The middleman Simi ‘Harrigan’ Teiotu took control of the game right from the start with a couple of players requiring time out to cool off while one player in particular with no names mentioned, Pius, was sent off for mouthing off at the middleman.

Great to see the more mature players taking control of the game and keeping the young pups in check to maintain a good spirit in the game.

After all, this is a masters game where no team wins.

It’s all about displaying those skills, finesse, class and most importantly fun and enjoyment.

Some outstanding displays of skills were shown by the big man Kora Kora as well as the Horse (Henry Iripa) who easily sliced through the opposition for some good tries.

Also in the team was CIRL president Charles Carlson who led by example stepping the opposition for a 50 metre dash for the try line. In his heyday this would have been a guaranteed try but in this case a 30 metre dash would be the maximum distance for a sprint.

Player of the day will have to go to 68-year-old Papa Patrick who managed to chase down probably the fastest player on the field who barely qualified for the masters (40+). Certainly a big roar of laughter from both teams but an embarrassing moment for the player concerned with no names mentioned Takaiti.

Be advised that from now on all players must be wearing the right coloured shorts – black shorts for players 40 and over, red shorts for players 50 and over and yellow shorts for players 60 and over. Any player that turns up with different coloured shorts to these mentioned will not be allowed on the field.

Today’s game will be hosted by the Rutaki Sharks out west at Rutaki School and then to the Sharks HQ for the after match function.

No reira te akamaroiroi iatu nei kotou e te West – aere mai tetai manga orororo.