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Thursday 22 March 2012 | Published in Regional


What a massive day for all the fishermen of Tauhunu Fishing Club.

There were 11 boats of 36 members and eight members from the Tukao Fishing Club (though because it was a members-only tournament they were registered as Tauhunu Club).

The two days of preparation for the tournament were intense, as the members knew they were into a real tournament to test their skills rather than the many kokekoke (liars) stories of who is the best of the best.

Getting the bait (mackerel), collecting stones for the down line, pulling out those old lines with lots of cobwebs, testing old motors to get out and so on were part of preparing for the tournament.

At 4am the members gathered for an opening prayer by the Reverend Tuakana, who encouraged them to enjoy the day and not to give up. He commented on the number of participants which surprised him. The chairman Toka Toka also encouraged the members to look out for each other.

The major prize went to the fishermen who caught tuna weighing in at 25kg+. Other categories were heaviest fish, total aggregate weight, fisherman of the day, fisher lady of the day, oldest fisherman, most dangerous captain, rescuer of the day and the most outstanding under 16 fisherman. (See table for results.)

The total weight of fish caught on the day came out to 450kg.

According to the weigh master Papa Solo, there were a total of 43 yellow tuna (average around 16 to 18kg), 10 big wahoo averaging around 20kg, two sailfish (one 34kg and the other 32 kg).

Meitaki korereka to the sponsors, Papa Christio and Mama Vavia, Papa Tangi Napara and Mama Ngamata. The biggest sponsor was the club itself. Thank you to the members – because of your fees, it was possible to run this great tournament. The sponsors were also blessed with fish from the catches of the day.

And to all the fishermen of Manihiki: there will be another tournament on Easter Monday and it will be hosted by the Tukao Club. This will be the Manihiki Fishing Association and maybe the Rakahanga club will join.