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Friday 4 May 2012 | Published in Regional


Reports and election of office bearers are the main items on the CISNOC annual general meeting tonight but a few outraged national federation representatives are sure to bring up the issues of financial mismanagement at the national sports body.

Roving tennis ambassador Brian Baudinet has voiced his thoughts on issues that need to be addressed by CISNOC including ‘missing money’ from the Olympic Solidarity programme for sports codes.

“Again we state that we are very concerned that no members of the board have ever accepted responsibility and apologised for their mismanagement of these funds.

“Also they have never admitted as to where the funds went – although there has been speculation. Tennis Cook Islands looks forward to an apology,” said Baudinet in recent communications with CISNOC.

The resignation of CISNOC president Sir Geoffrey Henry, who is on medical leave, is another topic Baudinet has brought up and according to him, CISNOC secretary general Rosie Blake has said on the record that Sir Geoffrey will resign due to his poor health.

“The rules need to be read carefully here, but it would make sense that some action be taken at the 2012 AGM, rather than having to repeat any process later.”

Removal of the CISNOC board and reviewing its constitution are other topics that Baudinet highlights as issues that need to be dealt with.

“This situation has been a shambles from the beginning. These (constitution review) have been mooted for some two years but have been delayed at every turn by the board. Failure to hold meetings, alteration of the committee and refusal to act have all been features. Changes have been suggested and tabled by David Lobb, whom we believe has good experience and a long history of constitutions.”

However, the most important item on the CISNOC annual general meeting agenda is the election of two new vice presidents with Hugh Graham, Damien Beddoes, David Lobb and Eddie Drollett nominated for the two positions.

No nominations were received for the position of assistant secretary general which has been vacant for some time.

Tonight’s meeting of the sports family will be at the Takuvaine Assembly of God Hall starting at 6pm.