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4 December 2020

Fiji warned to not ‘drop the ball’

Tuesday 28 April 2020 | Written by Legacy Author | Published in Regional


FIJI – Fijians have been told the stakes of Covid-19 are higher than any game of rugby. Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama called on people to stay the course as the country battled with the Covid-19 crisis.

This follows the government’s announcement that 11 people previously with the coronavirus have now recovered and been released – with just seven patients still isolated in hospital.

There have been no new cases of the coronavirus since the 18th case was confirmed a week ago.. But Mr Bainimarama warned if Fijians became too complacent, it could all too “tragically change”.

“We’ve all seen a sevens side – after a comfortable half-time lead – go on to lose the game because they got cocky, let their guard down and failed to see victory through to its end.

“Well, the stakes of this virus are far higher than a rugby match – they are life or death.”

Bainimarama urged people to stay disciplined and keep themselves a step ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’ve said many times before, we are at war with Covid-19. We must stay vigilant.”

“If we keep the course, we will be able to confidently rank ourselves among the nations leading the world in stomping out coronavirus.”

“Our success so far leaves us reason for cautious optimism. We have isolated every close contact of every case of the virus in our country – a world-leading feat.

“Every decision we have made has been informed by the best available science and the direction of our medical experts – and our adherence to health advice will continue to guide every step we take.”

The prime minister confirmed the nationwide evening curfew had changed from its start time of 8pm to 10pm – and would run until 5am each morning.

But he said churches, schools nightclubs, swimming pools, cinemas and gyms would all continue to remain closed until June 12. Earlier, Fiji Airways announced it would resume its domestic flights from Suva to Labasa. It said Nadi passengers could connect to this service through the airline’s Fiji Link morning and afternoon flights to Suva.