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Wednesday 20 April 2011 | Published in Regional


Basketball teams take a break from games tonight to allow for netballers to hold their national trials at the Telecom Sports Arena.

But week six of the main basketball season started with the Devlins rocking hard against Yachties Hotties.

The Devlins were too much for the Yachtie Hotties with scoring machine Swedelia Taivairanga benefiting from solid team support and unorganised defence to clock up 18 points.

The Hotties still retain the most untapped talent in any team award.

Not so for the A-Town and Ekes game in what was a classic roller coaster match with the lead changing many times?

Ekes, using time outs to reorganise tactics and finishing the first half ahead by 5.

Both teams defensive play kept the score low.

A-Town turned up the heat after the break with a series of 3 pointers to take the lead. With 10 minutes to go scores were 22-all before the Ekes surged ahead again in the last quarter thanks to great passing and 2 3-pointers sealing the win 38 to 34. The Philos and Roaster Hire game was also hard fought with both teams showing strong defensive play to keep the score masters from making easy baskets.

In a helter-skelter rough and tumble match both offenses suffered from lack of team play and relied more on individual efforts.

After trailing, the Philos clawed their way back maybe there was too much pork in the roaster?

The game ended in a 22-all tie with a certain celebrity president missing 2 free shots in the final seconds.

Rentraro started with only 5 players and the Airport jumbo Jets sensed a victory and went for the jugular.

With points slow to come and lots of missed opportunities the game remained close. In the second half the Jets struggled to contain Rentraros fast breaking styles, ultimately leading to a 36-22 win to Rentraro.

The final match of the night saw a disorganised Hot Dogs starting late and being penalised. Club Phillipines will always struggle until they recruit some height but fought valiantly to contain the Hot Dogs.

In a game with too many fouls the referees and bench officials were kept busy right until the end of the game.

The Hot Dogs passing and attack extended the lead in the second half but Club Philippines Raro never gave up with CPRs number 12, Buboy, shortest on the court, showing great dribbling skills and driving to the centre of Hot Dogs to cause problems on more than one occasion.

As they say its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog! Referees will penalise foul play and players are asked to respect the non contact rules. Anyone willing to assist bench officials or willing to referee please contact Eddie Chambers.