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Monday 1 September 2014 | Published in Regional


Missed anything in the news this week? Stay up to date with this list of stories that drew the most interest online.

1. Woeful education spending in Cooks
Tereora College Principal Bali Haque’s piece on a lack of funding for public schools struck a chord with readers. “Sad but true,” agreed one person on Facebook. “When a government regardless of who they are can spend 22k flying MPs on a chartered flight from the outer islands to would seem it is not a priority. Time for change.”
2. Banks ok with surcharge, says resort
The Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa defended its 4 per cent fee on credit card transactions, saying it had received no formal complaint from the banks. On Facebook, some readers labelled the surcharge “crazy” and said it may deter tourists from coming to the Cooks. “Businesses cannot do this without your consent!” insisted one member of the public. “If they do charge you the surcharge without your consent, challenge them to produce in court a signed and notarised consent form or contract with your signature on it. You won't hear from them again!” Others on the CINews website noted surcharges are “standard practice” at other hotels in the world.
3. Confused tourist flees the country
A tourist cut his holiday in the Cook Islands short after hearing what he mistakenly thought were threatening comments made against him. While police confirmed it was a misunderstanding and the accused locals were only joking around, a person commented on the CINews website: “I don't blame the guest. Those words should not have been said in the first place. It might be a joke to us islanders, but we have to think of those who do not understand our language.”
4. Dog control officer appointed
News that someone has finally been appointed to take charge of solving Rarotonga’s dog problem was welcomed by readers. On Facebook, people offered words of congratulations, while one noted: “Man, he’s going to be busy!”
5. Bishop’s plan to lower fuel prices
Readers were interested in news that Aitutaki MP Teina Bishop wants government to cut its levies on fuel. “Taxes have always been government ‘legal’ theft,” said one person on Facebook. “Government is an illusion and if enough people play along with the illusion or fantasy then you have them empowered to thieve from you with the threat of violence against you, that is fining you (more theft), kidnapping you (arresting you), imprisoning you in a cage.”
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