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Tuesday 5 April 2011 | Published in Regional


Week 5 of Cook Islands Basketball’s main season will see Yachtie Hotties working hard to move up against Eke Girls at 5.30pm today.

A-Town Galz will be looking to secure top of the league against the Devlins at 6.20pm.

If Yachtie Hotties and A-Town Galz lose tonight – the comp will be wide open, with the top 3 teams sitting on 11 points apiece.

7.10pm brings the clash of the imports with Philos and Club Philippines Raro battling for position in the men’s top 5 placing – we’ll see who’s ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Next up at 8pm will bring ‘slow and steady wins the day’ Roaster Hire against ‘anything can happen and probably will’ Airport Jets.

Hopefully the Jets will have their uniforms sorted this week –it could be a game changer. Finally at 8.50pm point scoring titans Rentraro (190 points in the first four games) come up against Hot Dogs (164 points). Both will play a running game and fast breaks will make or break the teams, so it remains to be seen whose net will wear out first – find out tonight!

Tonight’s draw – 5.30pm Yachtie Hotties vs Eke Girls, 6.20pm A-Town Galz vs the Devlins, 7.10pm Club Philippines Raro vs Philos, 8pm Airport Jets vs Roaster Hire, 8.50pm Rentraro vs Hot Dogs.