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Thursday 24 November 2011 | Published in Regional


Rod Clarkie Clark of Echuca is taking on Vaka Eiva for the first time this year.

A leading senior constable of the Victorian Police, he has been on the force since 1979 but the start of his paddling career predates the year he became a policeman.

Clarkie says he has been canoeing since he started Scouts at about 14 years of age, but he took up outrigger paddling eight years ago.

The 50-something waterman paddles for Inland Outrigger Canoe Club, and does his training on the Murray, Australias longest river.

Nearly 20 times he has completed a full distance Murray Marathon a 404km, five-day flatwater race, one of the longest annual flatwater canoe races in the world.

The difference between paddling on the Murray and on Rarotongas seas is the swell on the Murray, the only waves he surfs are generated by a speedboats wake.

Photographer Harvie Allison talked Clarkie into coming to Vaka Eiva this year. He says so far, hes enjoying his time away from police work and in paradise.