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Thursday 10 November 2011 | Published in Regional


CISNOCs executives remain in place due to the smallest of margins, after a motion for each to resign failed by a single vote during a special general meeting of the organisation on Tuesday.

Almost 100 people attended the meeting, including representatives from all national sports federations bar three taekwondo, golf and darts.

Of the island sports associations, those not represented were Atiu, Manihiki and Rakahanga.

According to a roll call early in the meeting, 38 votes in total were able to be counted.

Despite the majority of federation representatives voting for executives to resign, the result was 19 votes in support and 19 against.

The motion needed 20 supporters in order to succeed.

Therefore the motion has failed, CISNOC president Sir Geoffrey Henry triumphantly declared immediately after the vote.

A few voters in support of the motion then stood up and walked out of Takuvaines AOG church hall in disgust.

CISNOC treasurer Dan OBrien highlighted the significance of a tied result.

Because of the reality that eight votes sit here (with board members) there was possibly an imbalance. Not withstanding the closeness of the vote, theres a clear message from the federations that something has to change.

Tonights been a real eye-opener for me, he said.

Tennis president Madeilene Sword, who put the motion to the floor, says despite the result it clearly indicates a requirement for change.

The motion itself took more than an hour to be formally addressed by Sir Geoffrey, who in chairing the meeting repeatedly diverted from asking for a show of hands.

At one point, having again been asked to simply put the motion to a vote, Sir Geoffrey commented that it was effectively void anyway because all board members had agreed to remain where they are.

That drew laughter from the crowds majority, stunned at his persistent attempts to avoid facing confirmation that more representatives oppose the board than not.

Bernadette Raffe spoke on behalf of federation members calling for change, regardless of the vote result.

There needs to be some change, some new blood in the board.

Responding to criticism from executives about the so-called attack from federation members, she said if you keep doing what youve always done, you are going to keep getting what youve always got.

That attracted widespread applause among those present.

Triathlon member Geoff Stoddart told those at the meeting CISNOC is dealing with more brown stuff than ever.

We are broke and out of ideas. The track record of the board is such that the skill set up there isnt going to fix this.

Stoddart says he has no problem with financial secretary Richard Neves and internal affairs secretary Bredina Drollet helping CISNOC with its accounts, although there is debate about how that can be done according to the organisations constitution.

It appears that under International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules and regulations, governments cannot simply appoint members to Olympic committee boards.

Drollet and Neves may have to be elected on to the board as anyone else, providing there are vacancies available and the process followed is aligned with CISNOCs constitution.

Government involved Neves and Drollet as a condition of its $126,000 loan to CISNOC in August.

Drollet sat with CISNOC board members at Tuesdays meeting, but Neves is currently in Fiji on other business.

Stoddart says the lack of confidence in board members is a result of poor performance and management over the past three years.