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Tuesday 18 October 2011 | Published in Regional


Week 4 of the Turtles Mixed Basketball Competition started with two teams hungry for their first win.

Airport Jets have been fine tuning all week and now they really look like a team that play together.

There were some nice set plays and rigorous defence by Esther Strickland and Cathy Waring at the top and they managed to trigger some nervous passing by Moana Sands main gunslingers and ball carriers Angel Gurabat and Rolando Parcon.

By half time Jets were only three baskets behind. Part two of the game saw a re-organised Moana Sands fast breaking past the Jets defence.

With ten minutes left the Jets regrouped and went basket for basket against Moana Sands with some major battles going on under the key. But the climb back for the Jets was too steep with Moana Sands winning 41-22. Game two saw a so far undefeated Pacific Aquanaughties come up against the purple peril of CI-Travel.

Under the calm watchful eye of Caleb Teulilo, CI-Travel fought well, with a tight defence and solid shooting keeping the Aquanaughties at bay.

By half time there was only 2 points separating them.

After half time the points started to pile on when Aquanaughties Brendan Heath found his hotspot (45 degrees left of the basket dont let him stand there people!), and clocked 16 points.

CI-Travel werent slacking either putting up 26 points to Aquanaughties 31.

But the balance would not be tipped as Pacific Aquanaughties retained their crown by winning 51-44.

7.30pm found undefeated Audiball take on Chipmunks.

Both teams originate predominantly out of Titikaveka and both have enormous experience amongst its players and just to keep it interesting (or confusing), both teams wore the same coloured tops and shorts, with the same coloured numbers on the back (dark blue with white numbers).

But despite the obvious similarities, players were clear whose team they were on and how they would win. Play was intense in the deep sea of blue with Chipmunks again spreading points amongst the whole team.

Audiball werent able to find their form for a while with their number 11 not her usual fiery self, suddenly half time buzzed and Chipmunks were ahead 14-8.

Second half began and both teams (in blue) started a very measured pace, both moving the ball relentlessly, inching closer and closer to the money shot, no one daring to blow possession.

Like their feral namesakes that eat nuts, Chipmunks refused to give away the ball and second half points scored were virtually even. Unfortunately even would not be good enough to make up Audiballs 6 point first half deficit and the Chipmunks took the game 22-17.

Tonights draw: 6pm CI-Travel vs Airport Jets, 6.50pm-Pacific Aquanaughties vs Audiball, 7.40pm-Chipmunks vs Moana Sands.