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21 September 2021

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Wednesday 5 August 2009 | Published in Regional


3 August: Rarotonga boxer Marcus Jack (above left) eyes up opponent Tua Tehei during their bout in Tahiti last week.

Jack is one of the four boxers who were invited by the Tahiti boxing association to take part in a competition there.

Results have been received for the first fight night in Tahiti.

Jack fought Tehei but the pair was not suitably matched as the Tahitian was much more powerful than the slightly-built Jack.

Mathew Titoa won his bout by knocking out his opponent in what was described as a powerful victory by the visitor.

Eddie Daniels and oppo-nent Teiki Maratea were equ-ally matched in their 75kg

class bout.

However victory was handed to the Tahitian. Osoali Akai was defeated by his opponent Badir Gobrait. - Matariki Wilson