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Australian immigration into Norfolk undermining the island – writer

Monday 22 November 2021 | Written by RNZ | Published in Australia, Regional


Australian immigration into Norfolk undermining the island – writer
Norfolk Island jail. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Norfolk Islander writer is accusing the Australian government of imposing what he calls "zombie policies" on the island.

Economist Chris Nobbs saids these policies are aimed at making the island the same as the rest of Australia.

He said there is a lack forethought and it's undermining the island's unique culture.

Of particlar concern for Dr Nobbs is the way Canberra has allowed open immigration onto the island.

When Norfolk Island had its own legislature it had rigorous controls on the numbers coming in.

"If you compare Norfolk Island to almost any other small isolated island in the Pacific or to the Atlantic to which it would be reasonable to make a comparison, they all have immigration policies similar to that which Norfolk Island had before the Australian takeover. Now it's completely open to Australians", he said.

Dr Nobbs has just launched his third book on the Australian takeover of the island.

It is called 'Australia's Assault on Norfolk Island 2019-20.'

In 2016, Australia removed the island's semi-autonomy and has since run it directly from Canberra, saying Norfolk could no longer pay its way.

The move has angered many on the island with appeals to the United Nations continuing.