Three-way battle for Games title

Saturday 17 October 2020 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Other Sports


Three-way battle for Games title
Team Rarotonga after winning gold medal in the beach volleyball competition yesterday. 20101632

Intense battle expected in the remaining codes for top finish at the Cook Islands Games.

Three points separate the top three teams on the Cook Islands Games open medal tally, heading into the final day today.

Team Mauke maintains a slender lead on 110 points with 16 gold, 24 silver and 14 bronze medals. Team Aitutaki is only a point behind after collecting 23 gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze medals.

Mangaia is third on 107 points with 17 gold, 18 silver and 20 bronze medals.

Finals in five codes – rugby Sevens, football, netball, cycling and sailing (masters) – will be held today.

Mangaia will be hoping to take the lead through gold medal wins in the men’s and women’s football finals. The side will take on Mitiaro (women’s) and Atiu in the gold medal matches at 1.40pm and 3pm, respectively. The matches will be held at CIFA Complex in Matavera.

Netball and rugby sevens will hold their final round of matches before heading into the knockouts.

Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee president Hugh Graham expects an exciting end of the Games.

The closing ceremony will be held after the conclusion of all the events at the National Stadium later in the evening.

The Games have been hailed a major success by supporters and participants including triple gold medallist and national tennis rep Brett Baudinet.

“I think these Games have been a fantastic boost for the locals’ spirit during Covid. Everyone really took to the Games, got involved, cheered, laughed, and competed hard. At the end of the day we should all feel like winners. What a great Games it has been!”

“Tennis saw a huge turnout of players. We had some 263 matches played over two weeks. A huge effort by the committee, CISNOC and the supporters and I’d like to personally say meitaki ma’ata to them all.

“It was great to see players from as far as Pukapuka make such an effort as to get on a boat to come to Raro to compete in tennis, and then win medals. Just shows how much talent we have across all our Pa Enua.

“I’m super proud of my three gold medals for Rarotonga, and the highlight for me was winning the gold in doubles with my father Brian Baudinet who is 73 years young. What a champ! Hopefully one day I can get to do that same with my son.”


U18 Boys Singles – Mangaia (Christopher Neururer) Gold, Mauke (Luke Pierre) Silver, Atiu (Arikitoa Allsworth) Bronze; U18 Boys Doubles –

Pukapuka (Papa Komire Ayoka, Yalioa Papitai) Gold, Mangaia (Christopher Neururer, Alberto Arokapiti) Silver, Pukapuka (Akaara Topetai, Ngaonorima Topetai) Bronze; U18 Girls Singles – Mauke (Ruby Pierre) Gold, Mauke (Moana Une) Silver, Mangaia (Maiata Forsyth) Bronze; Open Men’s Singles – Rarotonga (Brett Baudinet) Gold, Mauke (Jason Pierre) Silver, Rakahanga (Hererahi Teinakirahi) Bronze; Open Women's Singles –

Mauke (Ruby Pierre) Gold, Rarotonga (Davina Hosking-Ashford) Silver, Mangaia (Timeri Wearing) Bronze; Open Men's Doubles – Rarotonga (Brett & Brian Baudinet) Gold, Mauke (Jason Pierre, Felix Matapuku) Silver, Aitutaki (Leonard Roa, Manorito Tekopua) Bronze; Open Women's Doubles – Rarotonga (Davina Hosking-Ashford, Kiana Sword-Tua) Gold, Mauke (Moana Une, Tayla Beddoes) Silver, Mangaia (Timeri Wearing, Maiata Forsyth) Bronze; Open Mix Doubles – Rarotonga (Brett Baudinet, Davina Hosking-Ashford) Gold, Mauke (Jason Pierre & Ruby Pierre) Silver, Rakahanga (Hererahi Teinakirahi, Norah Browne) Bronze; Master's Men's Doubles – Pukapuka (Bruce Manuela, Tingika Elikana) Gold, Manihiki (Eric Newham, Kora Kora) Silver, Rakahanga (Ned Howard, Russell Thomas) Bronze; Masters Women's Doubles –Atiu (Tanya Savage, Gillene Underhill) Gold, Manihiki (Nancy Kora, Mami Okotai) Silver, Manihiki (Lawrencia Williams, Nadine Newham) Bronze.