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Scouting for future stars

Saturday 27 June 2020 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Other Sports


Scouting for future stars
The popular 50 metre Race Walking for Open and Masters will be one of the highly anticipated events at today's Kumete Games. 19060301

Arorangi will be the team to beat at the annual Kumete Games today.

Two of the Cook Islands track stars will be on the lookout for their successors at today’s Kumete Games which will be held at the BCI Stadium in Nikao.

Middle distance runner Alex Beddoes and former national sprinter Patricia Taea will be officiating the family-friendly games starting at 12 noon.

Athletics Cook Islands secretary Ruth Mavé said the duo would join other scouts in identifying talents for the upcoming international events.

She said they would be looking out for age group athletes especially those between 15 to 18 years.

Those who impress the scouts will be drafted in the development squad training for the New Zealand secondary schools competition and Polynesian Games.

“We will have a group of scouts who will be out doing talent identification and both Patty and Alex will be part of that group. They have been through this process and given their experience, they can easily identify talents with potential to do well in the future,” Mave said.

“It is also good to have them officiating and helping us and hope their presence will boost the morale of the participants especially the young ones.”

The emphasis on Kumete Games which was supposed to be held earlier this month but cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, will be on fun and participation.

Juniors aged from 5 to 9 years will run, throw, and compete in tug of war.

Those aged from 10 to 14 years will compete in teams of four, contesting standing jumps, throws, a 50-metre relay and tug of war.

Youths aged 15 to 18 years will compete more seriously in a number of track and field events.

The open category is aged 19 to 34 years, and masters is 35-plus – both will be limited to three athletes per age group, so every village has a chance to submit enough individuals to compete for the Kumete Cup.

In the past reigning champions Arorangi was the most organised of villages, turning up in numbers, with talent and matching t-shirts. Other villages are challenged to do the same!

The popular 50m Race Walking for Open and Masters is back. “It was very entertaining last year,” said Mavé.

Kumete Programme 2020

12 noon Registration; 12.30pm Pure; 12.45 800m. U18, Open / Long Jump U18, Open; 1.00 Jnr 9 30m, Ball Toss, (Participation points only) Tug of War; 1.20 400m U18, Open / Shotput Youth 18, Open, Masters; 1.30 Jnr 14 (team x4) Ambrosia Jump / Backward Throw; 1.45 60m Masters; 2.00 200m Youth 18, Open, Masters / Long Jump Masters; 2.15 Jnr 14 4x 50m Relay, Jnr 14 Tug of War; 2.30 50m Race Walk Open, Masters; 2.45 100m Youth 18, Open, Masters; 3.00 Village Relay 1x 400m Jnr 9, 1x 400m Jnr 14, 1x 400m, 1x 400m Masters, 1x 400m Open, 1x 400m Youth 18 (Total 5x Laps) Can use 1+ athletes per lap must be of age group. Jnr 9 x 15 runners, Jnr 14 x 8, Masters x 8, Open x 4, Youth 18 x 4. Stay in set lane. Jnr 9 5yr – 9yr – every athlete 1pt for participation, can run, throw endless number of times. Jnr 14 10 – 14yr – Team of four athletes, all measurements added together for team points. Youth 18 – 15yr – 18yr Limit 3x athlete per age group e.g. 3x 15yr, 3x 16yr, 3x 17yr, 3x 18yr / village. Open 19yr – 34yr Limit 3x athlete per age group. Masters 35+yrs Limit 3x per age group