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Smoke Signals

Friday 14 August 2015 | Published in Opinion


Smoke Signals
This trail of shredded paper has mystified a smoke signaller. 16092806

Bluesky, now it’s time to talk Come on ‘Blueskam’, when are you going to fess up to ripping us off with unexplained excess data charges?

I think half the island is being ripped off! And your silence doesn’t help anyone


With Jacob Samson ranting about political interference in the Te Maeva Nui results, I hope he has applied for the HOM position for Culture to see if he can do a better job!


Te Maeva Nui is over, the dust has settled and the stress and sleepless nights are over for all. And both Ed and Nick who conveniently disappeared overseas amidst all the hype will be sneaking back to the office to look busy. Is this fair?


Why is Jacob Samson making a fuss on Facebook and in the newspaper? Yes, Rakahanga is wonderful and so are the other teams. Did Samson forget the reason why all islanders gather for the Maeva Nui? Te Maeva Nui meant for us to celebrate with a friendly competition with our sister islanders. I guess Jacob and his family’s only goal here is to win it all. So stop whining Jacob, it’s not all about you!


Why did CI News waste their front page on giving Puna an opinion on a celebration that was mostly about giving a false impression to the VIP’s in attendance? His attitude makes strangers of his own people. What a shame to have such a person leading our beautiful country!


James Beer and Captain Tama are like a couple of schoolboys running to the teacher to tell tales about the other kids. Next they will be running back to him to tell tales about who is smoking behind the bike shed and who is kissing who. Oh naughty boys! And they want to run the country someday! Grow up first and act like men not like kids.