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Rugby league

Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022


Moment of truth at COP27

12 November 2022


We’re halfway there!

16 November 2022


From the river to the ocean

18 November 2022


Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO EDITOR: Homosexual Law reform remains in limbo

‘Science shows us that people are born LGBTQ+’

Letters to the Editor

‘Vicious and uncivilised’ marijuana laws

Dear Editor, Did you know that under the Ministry of Health Act 2013 that marijuana fits the description of a medicine? In the Act it reads in part that, “Medicine means any substance whether of animal, plant or synthetic origin which is used internally or externally for alleviating disease”.

Opinion: Shining the light

Our Cook Islands communities on either side of the ocean have never been closer. The recognition of leaders like Glenda Tuaine Newport, Niki Rattle, Mama Tuki and her daughter Elizabeth Wright-Koteka.


Opinion: 'Tears are streaming down my face as I recall that long night'

Dear editor, It’s deeply heartening to see community leaders now coming together to make the wearing of crash helmets mandatory for all.


Norman George: Te Kukupa police boat Princess Paruru Moana serves us well

The offer of a free patrol boat from Australia by Prime Minister Bob Hawke came as a pleasant surprise for us in 1985. We had longed to engage the Asian fishing pirates who raided our ocean and uninhabited islands like Suwarrow, Manuae and Takutea to steal our fish and shell fish.


Opinion: Helmet law to save mothers from grief

The nine funerals I have been to in the time I have lived here are nine I can never forget, and more so for the families left in their wake.


Jonathan Milne: These hills will not remain remote

EDITORIAL: This weekend, my friend David and I absconded. We shirked all home and childcare responsibility and climbed up the valley behind Avatiu to Te Rua Manga.


Norman George: Dealing with mentally challenged clients

In the 30 years that I have been practicing law in the criminal bar, I have come across a variety of individuals. The snappy chatty know-alls usually are the “con artists,” the drug dependent pickle brained “where am I type?”


Biting back- The future looks good because we've made it that way through hard work

This is a crisp, concise column. And there’s a reason for that. Because here in the Cooks, we all have plenty of work to get on with.


Norman George: We all have a role in averting the agony and pain of crime against children

Nothing is more painful and tormenting than violent crimes against children. God’s greatest creation, humankind, begins with children.


Opinion: As a nation do we feel the wind on our face, do we see dark clouds gathering?

Presidents and Prime Ministers alike, no-one is above the law. None can disregard the founding laws that were put in place to protect husbands and wives, parents and children, employers and their staff.


Letters: It's 2019, and still employers advertise for men?

Dear editor, Given that the Cook Islands is supposedly a country that advocates equal opportunities for both sexes, I was a bit surprised to see three classified ads earlier this week that specifically asked for males.


Norman George: Australia dumping human waste here

Picture yourself in circumstances of crushed freedom. Sometimes unable to see the sun for days. Unable to see the moon and the stars for years as you are locked up in cells at night.


It's the skeleton of our democracy Our bones are embodied in the constitution

When you are born there are 270 of them and by the time you die if you have lived a long life this decreases to about 206.


Norman George: Boards to combat drugs, dereliction and boredom

Four months ago, our country was exposed to a large number of critical problems: from the growing use of methamphetamine or “P”, to the need for rest homes for the elderly, to the need for psychiatric professionals to treat drug addicts and dementia sufferers. Add the lack of doctors for the outer islands, and we were ready to press the ejector seat and parachute down to safety.


'Forgiveness cannot be given too freely'

As convicted killer Ngaakitai Taria seeks forgiveness, we must think of the family of the boy he abused – and speak up to ensure no child suffers in silence ever again.


E te mate e, tei ea to'ou tara

Grief is an unwelcome guest that soon arrives after death has left the room. Grief, that ominous shadow that dark shadow that follows us as we go about our day. Tears the sure sign that grief has embraced us, as we walk, as we go about our day as we think we have somehow got over the loss of someone we love, though we know deep in our heart we will never get over it, and instead it is something we will learn in time to live with.


Journalism Tour: A long trip to the beach in Hawai'i

Aloha! After a week of hustle and bustle for the US visa, I finally made it to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the first leg of the East West Center’s Pacific Islands Journalism Reporting Tour, funded by the US State Department.


Norman George: Wicked wit of Winston

I bought a book called The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill while passing through London. Enjoy…


Quadruple bottom-line decision-making: Social, ecological, financial – and spiritual

We must be careful and mindful of the choices we make. They have consequences. If you hadn’t noticed, the world is changing and changing very, very quickly and sometimes that change happens so fast we don’t always have time to consider it well before that change is made.


Editor: Being green is learning from our mistakes

Cook Islands has become the latest country to ratify the Kigali Amendment to phase down the use of Hydrofluorocarbons.


Norman George: Young will turn politics on head

There comes a time when the political rhetoric and scripts no longer excite; they have become worn out repeats.


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