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21 September 2021

LETTER: Dredging of Muri lagoon passage

Saturday 31 July 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTER: Dredging of Muri lagoon passage

Dear Editor It is important to set the record straight regarding Minister Mac Mokoroa’s statement (on Cook Islands News Facebook page) that dredging of “Muri Lagoon passage” wasn’t permitted to go ahead to allow for the 2008 Pacific Mini Games. The people of Ngatangiia should be congratulated for having the sense not to allow such an ill-conceived project to go ahead.

For a start, the proposal was to remove large coral heads from inside the Muri lagoon. It was planned that the sprints would run lengthways starting from Parengaru to opposite where the Muri Beach Club stands now. This meant removing all coral heads that were “in the way” of the intended lanes for the canoe sprints – a one day event in the Pacific Mini Games. There would also be scraping and dredging of the lagoon floor in the same area.

It was not to “dredge Muri Lagoon passage” which I take to mean Avana Passage because there is no reef passage in Muri lagoon wide enough to allow vaka, be it fishing or racing, in or out. Even if it had been deepened by dredging. Anyway, canoe sprints do not need to go into open sea.

So at the meeting attended by many locals, we voted against the removal of precious coral heads for a one day event – suggesting that the sprints instead be staged running from the beachside to the reef.

Remember, Muri lagoon in 2008 was in great health, the water was clear and the sand on the beaches clean. That is no doubt why images from those years are still being used to market Muri beach/lagoon because any photographs of the lagoon as it is today are not nice. And that is the sad reality.

The locals of Ngatangiia acted well and made a wise decision to protect Muri lagoon in 2008.

Florence Syme-Buchanan

Ngatangiia Proud

EU purse seine

deal a ‘disgrace’

What a complete disgrace that Cabinet and this Government has approved to extend the European Union purse seine open slaughter and pillage of our ocean fish.

I remember that after the public protest and many complaints, Government said that the contract will not be extended once it expires in 2021.Well they lied! (Fact Check – Cook Islands News cannot verify this claim)

This Government doesn’t care and couldn’t care less what the majority of the people are demanding.

This shows the complete arrogance and disrespect for the people whom the Government are supposed to serve.

This minority Coalition government’s time is slowly coming to an end. The sooner the better.


(Name and address supplied)