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LETTERS: Air NZ pricing ‘atrocious’

Wednesday 6 July 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Editorials, Opinion


LETTERS: Air NZ pricing ‘atrocious’

Dear Editor, the airfares currently being charged by Air New Zealand in early January are atrocious for the distance travelled and Air NZ must be taken to task. Perhaps via the NZ government.

E.g. as a random example – The airfare (works) from Auckland/Rarotonga/Auckland on January 3/13 is $1719 per person.

Meanwhile, the Air NZ round trip works fare to Nadi (Fiji) from Auckland for the same dates is $880 pp.

The Air NZ round trip works fare to Honolulu from Auckland for the same dates is $1312 pp.

It is our “serious off season” for Cook Islands tourism and potential visitors are unlikely to pay such horrendous prices.

It is the time when our own people wish to visit family and friends. Who can afford these prices?

It would appear that Air New Zealand (owned largely by the NZ Government) are no longer our traditional fair play friends.

Only their Raro route profit maximisation matters.

So sad!

Peter Heays

Editor’s note: A right of reply email was sent to Air New Zealand Cook Islands office on June 22. An Air New Zealand spokesperson told Cook Islands News last week: “Like most households the airline is facing rising costs including the price of fuel. This means our international prices have also had to increase. There are still some lower priced fares available and customers are advised to book early and consider travelling in off-peak times.”

Cannabis referendum

The ‘non-binding’ part of this (cannabis) referendum Cook Islanders need to be aware of. This means the government is just asking us a question and regardless of the outcome are not bound to take action. So if we all vote in this ‘non-binding referendum’ to legalise (or my belief is we MUST decriminalise to keep our people out of JAIL) then the government doesn’t have to make changes based on what they find out. They are just asking the question.

Please don’t use this as a reason to vote for any party just asking and not acting on this issue. A non-binding referendum is basically an expensive way of asking a question that we are already making clear our thoughts about.

Decriminalise marijuana in this country for people who are ill and to keep young, mostly male Cook Islanders out of prison and free from a permanent criminal record even for minor offenses! Do it to improve the tourism industry and ease the pressure on our legal drinking culture. Don’t forget, alcohol was once a government bonded substance in the Cook Islands too, hence the name of the Bond store, and many Cook Islanders were thrown into prison for drinking in some cases even just owning a lot of sugar made them guilty of intent to brew resulting in some cases jail time.

Colonisation been keeping our people in prison in our own home then and today. Please put your vote where it counts if this issue is important to you. No more questions! They know what to do!

Pouarii Jane Tanner


Atiu seats

Yesterday’s paper showing the candidates for the election becomes interesting when you read down to Teenui-Mapumai and Areora-Tengatangi-Ngatiarua both are in Atiu and both have a Brown running – mother and daughter for Independent.

Not a lot of loyalty displayed by these two make you think they are playing the field. Last election Rose Brown was Independent and then went to CIP (Cook Islands Party). Te Hani was Demo and then followed mummy to CIP. Now neither of them are running for CIP, maybe they smell a sinking ship. 

R Ero

‘Don’t blame Police for your dog problem’

To all dog owners, and people making comments regarding the dogs on the island, let me say this and to be fair what I am saying, first and foremost the Police did not bring or introduced the dogs on this island.

Secondly some dog owners don’t look after or feed their dogs. Therefore, the dogs roam the streets for food. People will never admit to that. When the Police puts out a campaign for the stray dogs to be destroyed the Police gets blamed for this action. Now the most destructive dogs are here on the island, what you critics have to say about that. Should the Police destroy the dog or what.

There is a law for the dogs and you don’t have a say to it. If you want to look after a dog, be in compliance with the law and there will not be a problem. Period. Do not mention about the destroying of dogs by the Police for Police have gone through a hectic time in planning how to reduce the number of dogs on the island. So, what have you done on your part for the dog you owned not to be a problem for this island?

Taruia Ringiao