Editorial: Bluesky prepares for a rainy day

Friday 2 August 2019 | Published in Opinion


Editorial: Bluesky prepares for a rainy day

BLUESKY this week announced that it would be cutting the price of internet data. Strangely coincidental that the Manatua Cable project is just around the corner from being completed isn’t it?

Accessible in­ternet is regarded by many as a basic human right, next to water and food. Cheaper internet data is something that Cook Islanders have long been calling for, but the Cook Islands' sole service provider continued to charge above market rates because it had a monopoly on the market.

However, earlier this year it was announced that the regulations on the telecommunications sector would be changed for the first time since 1989, allowing competition in the market from alternative service providers.

This was announced just four months after it was revealed that the controlling interest of shares in the government-owned Bluesky had been sold to Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Ltd from Fiji.

The government will maintain control of the country's telecommunications infrastructure, collecting royalties from Bluesky and whoever else sets up here.

The government will likely force the new providers into a bidding war with Bluesky, with the highest paying company having priority on bandwidth usage.

What Bluesky is doing now is trying to sweeten up internet data users by offering what they could have been offering all along – affordable internet.

No company takes a cut to their profits for no good reason and Bluesky will be hoping that by the time new providers enter the market, we all would have forgotten the times when they used to charge us an arm and a leg for a basic human right.