Family reunion to coincide with Bi-Centennial celebrations

Monday 11 October 2021 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in National, Outer Islands


Family reunion to coincide with Bi-Centennial celebrations
The Matauia clan, descendants of the late William Marsters, at their reunion that was held at the ‘Marsters House’ last November. 21100823.

A family re-union for the Matauia family line, descendants from Palmerston Islands’ William Marsters family, is set to go ahead on the island of Aitutaki later this month.

There has been intensive preparation for the travel of the 50 Matauia clan members to Aitutaki; arrangements and programmes have been on the go since last year when the family held a successful reunion last November on Rarotonga.

“We also considered our reunion a fitting tribute for the family to be involved in the 200 year celebration of the Gospel’s arrival to the Cook Islands, particularly to the shores of Araura Enua - the island paradise of one of Mama Matauia’s eight children, Petirini/Pedryn, who especially requested for this reunion,” said the secretary general of the group, Sonny Daniel.

The current Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions have impacted on the plans of family members from New Zealand and Australia who were looking forward to this reunion, said Daniel, “hence the significant reduction of members of our family travelling to Aitutaki.”

Papa Willie John, the ‘paterono’ of the Matauia Family in Rarotonga said: “It’s a golden and historic opportunity not to be missed.”

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to mix and share family values, experiences, stories with each other, especially when one does not get to meet with others so often in life,” said John.

The group will be led by the family’s executive committee led by the chairman Ioane Tumii, vice chairman Puapii William Marsters and secretary general Sonny Daniel.

A three day programme of activities has been set, and most of the team will return to Rarotonga when the Gospel celebrations are completed on October 26.


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