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Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Friday 18 March 2022 | Written by Sian Solomon | Published in Local, National


Celebrating St Patrick’s Day
Irishman Paddy Lynch (middle) with his son Paul (right), Dennis Dwane (left) and Gail Eraio (at the back) celebrate St Patricks Day at the Returned Serviceman Association (RSA) yesterday. PHOTO: SIAN SOLOMON/22031710

A number of local residents turned out to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year down at the Returned Serviceman Association (RSA).

Among them was 89-year-old Paddy Lynch, who is a long-term resident in the Cook Islands, and 100 per cent Irishman.

His son, Paul said: “We’re happy to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.”

With Irish music blaring in the background, for Lynch, the holiday is deep-rooted in tradition.

He says it’s a fantastic time of the year to remember and celebrate Ireland, and its people. 

“I don’t know if you’ve been there (to Ireland) but it’s a lovely place, with lovely people.”

Gail Eraio, who wore green for good luck, also said she was happy to be celebrating St Patricks Day.

She says people like Paddy have become a much-loved character around the island, adding that he’s a wonderfully colourful character.

“It’s nice to celebrate and we love Paddy. He’s always got green socks and green shoes.

“He is a very colourful character, and as you would expect a typical Irishman.

  • Read more about Paddy and his life on Rarotonga in tomorrow’s edition