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Letters to the editor from Avatea

Saturday 16 July 2011 | Published in National


Dear Editor,

I would like to tell you how happy I am because we are getting our Reo Maori back.

This year I am surprised by the schools.

When we had our Maori speech competition our school came 3rd placing but that is still fine. My friend Nomar came 4th placing and I am happy for her. She is Mangaian.

Meitaki maata

Athena-Paris, Room 4

Dear Editor,

I want to share my thoughts about Peu Maori and our Reu Maori.

In the Cook Islands there are only many islands like Atiu (Enuamanu), Mangaia (Auau) and Aitutaki (Araura) that keep their Peu Maori and Reo Maori.

On Rarotonga a few people carry on our Peu Maori and our Reo Maori.

The English language is dominating the Reo Maori. Who is to blame? Us? Why? Because we as Cook Islanders let ourselves be dominated by the English Language and customs.

People of the Cook Islands, try to bring our Peu Maori and our Reo Maori back so we can be known as real Cook Islanders.

Meitaki maata

Taua Heather, Room 4

Our speech competition

On Thursday last week the Maori Speech Competition was held at Avatea School Hall.

Only 7 schools came that was 6 people saying a speech for Avatea School, and there was Terekino, Napa, Sinano, Rachel, Nomar and Nay Chi.

The schools that came were Nikao School, Arorangi school, St Joseph School, Te Uki Au, Takitumu School, Nukutere College, Titikaveka College plus us there are 8 schools.

When Nomar went up, Avatea School started to cheer for Nomar. This is what I think of the Maori Speech.

By Taua Heather

Maori speech competition

On Thursday I was happy because we were going to watch the Maori Speech competition.

I liked Nay Chi, Sinano, Napa and Rachels speeches because they are from Avatea School. After the competition they had prize giving and the 1st placing went to Titikaveka College and 2nd placing went to Avatea School and the 3rd placing went to Nikao School.

After we had our break

By Roseline Arapari

Maori speech day

On the day we had our Maori Speech Competition, there were 7 schools competing with us. Our speakers were Nomar, Napa, Rachel, Sinano, Terekino and Nay Chi.

The best one I really liked was Nomar and Rachels speech. It was so good, because we came second placing. But if we came 3rd placing or last that is not good. We were all happy and excited at the Maori Speech Competition.

By Andria Brown

Maori speeches

On Thursday 24 June 2011, we went to Room 6.

Mrs Scheel went to get the Maori speech people to represent Avatea School.

There were 6 of them. There was Nay Chi, Napa, Sinano, Terekino, Rachel and Nomar.

The schools that came to the Maori Speech was Nukutere College, Titikaveka College, Arorangi School, Te Uki Ou School, Nikao School, St Joseph and Avatea School. We went to have lunch, after we went back inside the hall. Then the Maori Speech finished at 1 oclock. Then we went for our training.

By Kyle Lusby

Maori speech competition

On the Maori Speech Competition day, I was excited because I was going to see all the other schools competing with Avatea.

The reason why we were there was because our teacher Mrs Scheel was helping our speakers. I thought Nomar was the best, because she was not shy. It was good at the Maori Speech. When it was lunch time, they let us out for lunch not like last year, so I was very happy!

By Brideena Kaiaruna

Speech competition

On Thursday last week the Maori Speech Competition was held here at Avatea School.

There were 7 schools that competed and they are Nukutere College, Titikaveka College, Arorangi School, Te Uki Ou School, Nikao School, St Joseph and Avatea School.

There were 6 students that competed from Avatea School and they are Rachel, Nay Chi, Nomar, Sinano, Napa and Terekino. Sinano came first placing for the Year 7, while Nay chi came 3 placing for the intermediates. The speech competition finished at 1 oclock.

By Arona Ngari