Mass spraying campaign to beat dengue resumes

Tuesday 2 March 2021 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Health, National


Mass spraying campaign to beat dengue resumes
Perifocal, or block spraying, for mosquitos has been a vital part of Te Marae Ora’s efforts to control dengue fever. 20110645

A break in the weather means Operation Namu’s mosquito spraying to fight dengue fever will resume Tuesday.

Previously put on hold due to wet weather, spraying was scheduled for all schools from 4am to 7.30am.

Weather permitting, spraying will continue Wednesday in the Avatiu area (RAPPA) from 4am to 8am and will continue in other punas until March 11.

The larvicide programme, which involved spraying stagnant water, open drains and blocked manholes with diesel oil, began yesterday. This programme will run for around a week. 

According to Te Marae Ora health ministry data last updated on February 26, there are 28 probable and 30 confirmed dengue-type2 cases in Rarotonga.

There are 21 cases that have been admitted to the hospital.

A Te Marae Ora health ministry spokesperson last week told Cook Islands News, there were 86 suspected cases.

The worst-hit areas are Ngatangiia with 18 cases and Titikaveka with 14.

All other villages have at least one case apart from Akaoa or Murienua where no cases are recorded. 

No cases have also been reported in the outer islands.

The most cases out of all age groups are from 11 to 19 years, which have 18 confirmed and probable cases.

Titikaveka Member of Parliament Selina Napa earlier said there was more needed to be done to prevent the dengue virus. Napa said Tutaka inspections and clean-up campaigns such as Operation Namu21 needed to be held more regularly, including community education and awareness efforts led by Te Marae Ora.