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Drive through testing to continue today

Tuesday 15 February 2022 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Health, National


The drive through testing station down at Terevete park will continue today for anyone displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

A mother and daughter who are vaccinated and had no symptoms experienced their first PCR test yesterday. “It just felt like a tickle, it was fine,” said Maryanne.

Fiona Broadbent and her daughter Maryanne Broadbent
got into the queue early arriving at 8.10am and getting tested about 9.20am.

“It’s okay, they’re being very thorough, I’m assuming it’s to make sure everything is done properly and there are no mix ups,” said Fiona

Fiona had been at Trio’s bar – a location of interest. “I’m not worried, it was quiet at Trio’s that night and I didn’t come into contact with any one new or any visitors, and Trio’s are vigilant with their signing in,” said Fiona.

A young man, who preferred not to be named, had been at three of the locations of interest and was feeling a bit anxious waiting for his test.

“I’ve had all my vaccinations and my booster shot, I’m feeling good and not sickly at all. I’m an essential worker and so I’ve got to come along and get tested just in case … its about others too, your workmates and your families, so it’s best to know,” he said.

In the afternoon to ease the waiting period, people were directed to the airport to undergo their tests at the RAT (Rapid Antigen Testing) huts.

The positive case was a close contact of a family member in Auckland who had tested positive on Saturday in New Zealand. Although she was asymptomatic, as a precaution the woman got tested at the Tupapa clinic drive through on Sunday and returned a positive result a few hours later.

On Sunday the woman was been issued with an Isolation Order at their private accommodation along with her two travelling friends (who both tested negative).

Talking to Tauraki Rongo, the Pacific Media Network (PMN) Cook Islands language programme producer yesterday, the Secretary of Health Bob Williams said, it appeared that the woman may have visited the family in Auckland after she had taken her Covid test.

“We want to thank the family in Auckland for contacting her here to let her know, we appreciate your calling.”

Williams would like to remind people who are travelling to Rarotonga not to visit or mingle with people they don’t know.