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Saturday 16 April 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Entertainment, National


Party to celebrate ‘Freedom Day’
Coco House Bros DR.E (Damon Rima Enoka), right, ANTHOM (Ani Thompson), left, and Mark Zow (Marcus Niszow), second from left, with Island Hopper’s Stephen Doherty at the Honeymoon Island Sunset Session. SUPPLIED/22041414

The Coco House Bros are back again this afternoon from 2pm with their 11th Official Sunset Session beach party at Vaiana’s on the Beach in Nikao.

This 11th edition of Coco House Bros – Sunset Sessions will be extra special as it coincides with the welcoming of Australian visitors to the Cook Islands and the relaxing of outdoor venue restrictions from a previous maximum of 100 to unlimited size gatherings, a sign life is slowly returning to what we remember it to be.

For this reason, this Sunset Session day beach party will be known as “Freedom Party” – a day partygoers can enjoy great tunes from 2pm on the beach and in the sun.

Coco House Bros are a trio of house music DJs with a lifelong passion for electronic dance music. The trio is made up of two males and a female with DR.E (Damon Rima Enoka), ANTHOM (Ani Thompson) and Mark Zow (Marcus Niszow).

The ‘Sunset Sessions’ first debuted in August 2020, six months after the international borders into the Cook Islands were closed in Rarotonga taking advantage of empty resorts on the island to introduce the day club/party concept, exclusively playing a variety of house/dance music as a unique point of difference compared to the traditional genres of music typically played and heard in nightclubs and bars in the Cook Islands.

Since then Coco House Bros have hosted over a dozen day club parties and events around various venues in Rarotonga and Aitutaki including Little Polynesian Resort, Vaiana’s, Crown Beach Resort, Tamanu Beach Resort and Honeymoon Island to name a few.

Marcus Niszow aka DJ Mark Zow says: “It is quite fitting Sunset Sessions which was born in lock down celebrates Freedom Day this Easter Saturday.”

“Ultimately Coco House Bros is born from a shared passion and love of house music. Like in many places around the world, in the Cook Islands house music has been considered an underground phenomenon with very few club/bar DJ's and owners brave enough to fully support the genre, that is until Coco House Bros decided to go all in and attempt to breakthrough to a wider audience and demographic. Their events and sets are 100 per cent exclusively house music and its sub-genres.”

The 11th edition of Coco House Bros – Sunset Sessions will be held this afternoon at Vaiana’s on the Beach in Nikao. SUPPLIED/22041415

Coco House Bros feel that the evolution of their live performances and events over the past 10 years has helped create a much greater level of appreciation and respect for house music in the Cook Islands across a wide audience ranging from young adult party goers right through to mamas and papas in the 60+ age group.

“It is not uncommon to see a young 20 something year old on the dance floor alongside an 80-year-old mama singing and dancing along to a remixed house classic by the Bee Gees or ABBA,” says Niszow.

“This is the power of house music, it has no boundaries and brings people of all ages and walks of live together on the dance floor. Coco House Bros hope their work over the past 10 years and especially over the past two years has helped shine a little ray of sunlight into the hearts and soul of those around us during a very difficult and trying time for the world.

“House music is ultimately built on the foundations and values of diversity, peace, love, unity and respect these are the same values that Coco House Bros promote and aim to live by.”

Coco House Bros are looking forward to bringing their day time party vibe to Rarotonga once again to celebrate life and freedom with a $1 glass or $5 jug of Cooks Lager for the early arrivals to help get the party started, thanks to Rarotonga Brewery.

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