Upcoming singers set to showcase talent

Wednesday 28 October 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Culture, National


Upcoming singers set to showcase talent
Song stars in the upcoming 2020 song quest. From left: Pepai Katoa (Apii Te Uki Ou), musician Kutia Tuteru, Katrina Brider (Apii Rutaki) and Eitia Taylor (Apii Te Uki Ou). 20102709

Twenty-two singers will perform at the annual Cook Islands Music Association junior song quest on Friday night.

Musician Kutia Tuteru is happy to help the kids gain the experience of singing to a public audience and “to uplift them and help them out, especially now it’s their turn, and our turn to do our bit”.

“We are not looking at new composition we are looking for talent in how well they know and feel their song and the way they present it.”

Katrina Brider representing Apii Rutaki said: “Singing is fun and I like feeling the songs.”

Pepai Katoa from Apii Te Uki Ou is feeling a bit nervous about her performance.

“But I’m happy, singing makes me feel happy,” she said.

Secretary of the music organisation Nga Teao-Papatua is excited for the kids.

“To be able to continue to host this special event during is wonderful for our young ones, and without our sponsors this would not have be possible, especially during these Covid times,” she said.

The categories are from the eight to 13-years age groups.

Each contestant will sing a song in Maori, the singers are: Toto Tiaore, Nga Marae Potoru, Mokoroa Ngaata, Pepai Katoa, Eitia Taylor, Maeva Feao, Felisitas Fonouto, Eileen Akai, Michelle William, Hanalei Kauvai, Loata Ritona, Naomi Taringa, Ngametua Tereata, Tera Rongo,Ake Tuakana, Tarita Thompson, Lupelause Soatini Hewitt, Lahaina Henry, Moetaua Mataroa, Alexis Topia, Alice Apera and Katrina Brider.

The show starts at 6pm at the Auditorium domes on Friday October 30.