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In brief: Court news

Tuesday 7 June 2022 | Written by Caleb Fotheringham | Published in Court, National


In brief: Court news
Photo: Supplied

A man has pleaded guilty to careless driving in the Criminal Court after reversing into a rental car causing over $1000 in damage.

Careless driving

The court heard, Jerson Doculan who appeared on Thursday last week, reversed while driving a land cruiser on May 10 into the right side of a rental car causing $1872 of damage.

Prosecution said the victim paid the full amount of the damage.

Justice of the Peace Georgina Keenan-Williams said Doculan needed to reimburse the victim for the damage. 

However, Doculan thought the damage was covered by insurance.

JP Keenan-Williams said: “Sometimes it’s an insurance thing, unless you have confirmation in writing then we cannot accept it.”

The matter is adjourned for July 14 in the High Court for the defendant to speak with the rental car operator.

Failing to stop

Edwin Junior Nicholas pleaded guilty to failing to stop on demand and dangerous reckless driving in the Criminal Court at Avarua.

The court heard on Thursday that on May 28 at 1.50am Nicholas refused to stop for police, exceeding 70km/h at some places. 

Police identified Nicholas and he was contacted on May 31 where he admitted to being the driver.

Prosecution said the defendant told police he didn't stop because he was scared police would take the bike off him.

Justice of the Peace, Georgina Keenan-Williams who oversaw the matter said: “It was a silly thing you did... you could have killed someone driving like that, hopefully this is the last time we see you in court.”

“When police ask you to stop, stop, ok that’s the law. Take this as a lesson learned.”

JP Keenan-Williams fined Nicholas $100 for failing to stop on demand, $200 for dangerous reckless driving and $50 in court costs.