Showering inferno

Showering inferno

There may be little risk of a Hollywood-style skyscraper inferno in Rarotonga, where few buildings are as tall as the coconut palms.

Police step up patrols of hotspots

Police are warning locals and visitors to exercise care with high numbers of tourists expected and Te Maeva Nui beginning next week.

‘Feeling Te Maeva Nui vibe’

Young dancers are rehearsing late into night as excitement builds ahead of the country’s biggest annual cultural event, Te Maeva Nui festival.

Thomas Tarurongo Wynne: In sickness and in health

There were concerns Ariki were complicit in the loss of Cook Islands Maori self-determination, but in the second part in a series, Thomas Wynne says they played a critical role in improving their people’s health and education.

Crash officers back in the force

Two police officers stood down for their involvement in an accident have been reinstated.


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Vigilante threats to car robbers


Chlorine is in the country

Outer Islands

Mauke switches to solar energy


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‘Feeling Te Maeva Nui vibe’


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