Top Kiwi chef here to teach others

Tuesday 14 April 2015 | Published in Local


Top Kiwi chef here to teach others
New Zealand chef of the year William Mordido was welcomed at the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) yesterday (April 10) where he is delivering the 'Art on a Plate' course. Mordido is pictured here with CITTI fi nance offi cer Ngara Katuke at his offi cial welcome.

A top New Zealand chef is on Rarotonga to present art on a plate to local chefs this week.

And he’s hoping his time in the Cook Islands will inspire some new dishes.

William Mordido of Auckland’s Chikos Restaurant and Cafe was the New Zealand Restaurant chef of the year in 2014.

The 22-year-old is on Rarotonga this week as a guest tutor to deliver the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) Hospitality ‘Art on a Plate’ course to local chefs.

The course began yesterday and will continue today and Monday.

Mordido will be showcasing three dishes each day at the course – an amuse-bouche (a single bite-sized dish), an entree and a main, which the local chefs will be able to try.

Originally from the Philippines, Mordido said he was inspired to come to the Cook Islands because of the fresh local produce.

“I had heard about the mangoes, dragon fruit, and breadfruit. And the amazing fish as well.”

Mordido hopes to use his time in Rarotonga to sample local produce and find ways to use it in his own cooking.

But the young chef is also looking forward to exploring the sights and sounds of the island with some friends who are visiting Rarotonga next week.