Lockdown in NZ hospital

Monday 6 April 2020 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Local


Lockdown in NZ hospital
The Evans family in Christchurch. New born Nova-Jack Teoukura, Orlan, Julia and John. 20040303.

Tupapa’s Julia Evans flew from Rarotonga to Christchurch to give birth to their baby. By the time she went into labour, Christchurch was going into full lockdown.

Her husband John wasn’t allowed to be there for the birth as he hadn’t been in New Zealand long enough to meet the 14-day quarantine rule.

The hospital was completely empty. “It was quite spooky when we arrived at the ripe hour of 3.30am.”

But she felt safe and the staff ensured their safety and that of their patients were top priority. “Our new baby boy Nova-Jack Teoukura Evans is simply delicious and is a great little distraction from the virus saga,” says Evans.

“Our eldest son Orlan has already taken on his role as protective big brother seriously, constantly reminding everyone in the house to sanitise their hands before they touch baby brother.”

Like most people, Evans is nervous of how fast Covid-19 is spreading and how quickly things change on a day-by-day basis. “It’s truly mind-boggling just how much of a devastating effect this virus has caused and will continue to cause to the global economic market,” she says.

Her mother-in-law is one step ahead with everything – she works at St George’s private hospital and is designated an essential worker.

So far, lockdown hasn’t been that bad for the Evans. There are perks like New Zealand’s unlimited internet, an abundance of TV channels and of course their newborn son to keep them occupied.

“The atmosphere however is eerily quiet, no traffic sounds at all,” she says. “The streets and roads are empty and quiet.

“Police presence has ramped up, if people on the roads are not part of ‘essential services’ then they face a hefty fine.”

The Evans miss their home in Tupapa and cannot wait to get back to their island paradise. “We are together, we are safe in our little bubble and are taking each day as it comes.”