Island show looks for healthiest babies

Thursday 14 September 2017 | Published in Local


Island show looks for healthiest babies
Elleana Eli is ready for her close-up. 17091308

Babies were the star of the show at Tuesday’s Takuvaine baby show.

It was the second of the villages to host the show, which this week and next will see babies from all around the island assessed on their health.

Prizes are awarded to the top three healthiest babies, assessed in six different areas including weight/height, muscle tone/appearance, hair and scalp, eyes/ears/nose, skin and mouth/dental.

Consolation prizes are also awarded to every participant.



Overall Winners – 26months to 4 years: 1. Ivory Harmon, 2. Kimi Upu Tearetoa, 3. Karl Tokorua Ingaua. 19-25 months: 1. Tutai Takeina David, 2. Joseph Travel Erone Marama Tuiileila, 3. Kaue Harmon. 13-18 months: 1. Carliee Mailau, 2. Elliesha Grace Thea Maria Makimare 3. Dave Kapena Paiti. 6-12 months: 1. Zia Artesano, 2. Tairi Simpson, 3. Tamanui Taarua Savage-Maui. 0-5 months: 1. Te Arihi Erone Marama Tuiileila, 2. Temana Toa, 3. Pomare Junior Moo. Overall Best teeth-26-4yrs: 1. Ivory Harmon, 2. Karl Tokorua Ingaua, 3. Vincent Kaireve Mailau


Overall Winners – 26months to 4 years: 1. Hinamoana Alara Olah, 2. Arikimai Akamoeau, 3. Petrina Jim. 19-25 months: 1. Elizabeth Powell, 2. Niviksha Shaheem, 3. Ngamata Jim. 13-18 months: 1. Jordon Silika, 2. Aydrien Noah Kermode. 6-12 months: 1. Tamaiti Simpson, 2. Leon Vargas, 3. Ngatama Tapuni. 0-5 months: 1. Shaun Kaye Warren, 2. Inakau Unuia, 3. Maea Hopper. Overall Best teeth-26-4yrs: 1. AJ Terekia and Krystal Hoepper, 2. Hinamoana Alara Olah and Mariia Nubono, 3. Arikimai Akamoeau and Petrina Jim.