Cooks’ trio learning diplomacy

Friday 20 June 2014 | Published in Local


Cooks’ trio learning diplomacy
Cook Islanders Eirangi Marsters, Maureen Hilyard and Sandra Tisam visiting the Palais de Nations in Geneva. 14061906

Three Cook Islands women are in Geneva, Switzerland as part of a diplomacy programme organised by the Diplo Foundation of the University of Malta.

Eirangi Marsters, Maureen Hilyard and Sandra Tisam were among 11 students selected to visit a range of international diplomacy offices which had been part of their studies as part of a capacity building course in Policy Development for the Pacific.

The diplomacy areas covered included trade, health, environment, humanitarian, human rights and internet governance.

The 10-day programme began with a meeting with the director of the Diplo Foundation and noted expert in internet governance, Doctor Jovan Kurbilija, as well as a session on the role of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nation.

Day two included lectures at the University of Geneva on jurisdiction in relation to internet privacy and defamation, and intellectual property.

A second group attended the UNCTAD - Third Geneva Dialogue relating to trade and sustainable development goals, which was held at the Palais de Nations.

Day three included a discussion of humanitarian diplomacy at the international federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and a study of environmental diplomacy via the Global Framework for Climate Services and a visit to the World Meteorological Organisation.

The Geneva programme continues until June 26 and will include Global Health Diplomacy and a visit to the World Health Organisation and attendance of a Small Islands Developing States workshop covering economic and environmental sustainability, and future approaches for Small Islands Developing States.