A new broom sweeps through Tupapa

Saturday 2 May 2020 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Local


A new broom sweeps through Tupapa
George Maggie is making kikau brooms from fallen coconut fronds.

Tupapa MP George “Action Man” Maggie has returned to his daily grind, helping out the local community with clearing overgrown vegetation around their homes and nearby the roads.

Yesterday he was instructing his boys to cut the branches off the trees nearby the road at Tamarind House.

These branches were hanging over the power lines could cause major damage during windy season.

Maggie, who is also a Cabinet minister, said the work paid by him would save government’s money as well as help save Te Aponga Uira’s time in the future, should the powerlines get damaged by the branches.

Maggie said they also helped Rarotonga residents clear overgrown trees around their house.

People who wish to contribute financially towards his cause are welcomed to do so.

Maggie has also started a new initiative of making kikau broom from the fallen coconut fronds. He donated some of the brooms to the local non-government organisations as well as hospitals.

He is also selling them at $5 each and all the money collected will go towards “looking after the welfare of my boys”.

A kikau broom normally cost $10-$20. Those who need assistance can contact Maggie’s office 20261.