Other sports should back rugby Sevens

Thursday 10 November 2016 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Other sports should back rugby Sevens

The RUGBY Sevens International held over the weekend was another success and the standard is overwhelming.

Congratulations to Tabusoro and Avatiu for making it to the finals and also congratulations to all the teams and supporters for an excellent tournament.

The only obstacle to this great event is the lack of support from our very own codes and community.

The rugby Sevens organisers and clubs on the island brought international teams, composed of high-profile players from NZ, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga to play in our tournament.

We even had players from Atiu and Aitutaki and our local overseas resident who came to participate in this awesome tournament.

However, on Saturday, there were various codes like soccer, volleyball, cricket, oe vaka and bowls all playing their own sports during this international one-off tournament.

This is really disappointing when our own community do not support our very own international tournament.

It was great to see major business on the island supporting this great event, including our prime minister and local MPs.

What disappoints the rugby fraternity to this tournament is that when other codes run their fundraising to go overseas they come running to our rugby families for support, but when we are running our own international event they turn the blind eye and run their own local interest and tournament.

I am sure the local code competition can be deferred, or scheduled for another day, so that support can be rendered or encouraged to support this awesome one off tournament.

Rugby Sevens organisers had a women’s team all the way from Dubai, which is halfway around the world, to participate and enjoy our rugby atmosphere but we just can’t be bothered to come and support them.

I think sponsors and CISNOC should look at this matter seriously and look at the calendar to round up support to this one - off international tournament. I just hope that we do not lose this awesome tournament.

Rugby Fan