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16 January 2021


Letters: Cooks v China

Tuesday 27 August 2019 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor, Looking back at government’s social, economic and political performance failures over recent years, and the resulting repercussions of this government’s incompetency in so many areas; for example, it incompetence to institute relevant social youth programmes, leading to an increase in youth drink-driving deaths, crimes and suicides.

And now we find ourselves on the cusp of becoming the very first Pacific Islands country to be elevated to Developed Nation Status. What a huge joke!

China now ranks No 2 behind the USA in wealth and strength of their growing GDP; and China, I’d like to emphasise, is also very much still a developing nation, just like us.

This would be so funny, the Cooks becoming a developed nation before China. Yeah, go figure...

Because when we become developed, the frailty of our fake and less than robust economy will be exposed to the international community: an economy that relies almost 100 per cent on the tourism industry, while agriculture, fishing and pearl farming sectors contribute very little to our own GDP.

This exposure will result in humiliation for our paradise, and economic ostracism as a result.

After all, China efficiently utilises all their natural resources for their country’s wealth – but not us! Yet China is still being acknowledged as a developing nation, a status we shall achieve before the most populous country in the world.

Just gobsmacking ... absolute and sheer insanity.

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia,
Papa Williams