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League a ‘politically driven mess’

Monday 13 February 2012 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I am responding to this saga concerning the Aitutaki Sharks. It sickens me to think that all the blame is laid on the Sharks for the 2012 league competition.

If I may, I want to expose some of the reasons why a couple of the Rarotonga clubs voted against the Sharks entering the competition.

Just last week, a Tupapa Panthers scout was here on the island to pick up players as they were adamant that the Sharks were out of the competition. They were so confident that it forces me to ask the question, they must have had a big influence on the President of the CIRL who is not a worthy reappointment by the way! That they made the trip here and had no respect for the people of Aitutaki, needless to say that it would have been okay for them to come to Aitutaki only if the Sharks were confirmed out!

Some Aitutaki Sharks players are in hot demand to play in Raro and if the President has allowed the Sharks to not participate in the competition, how is Aitutaki able to develop more up and coming players that would stand out above the rest?

Charles Carlson is well aware of the fact that Rarotonga clubs have potentially scouted Aitutaki for some players to join the Rarotonga clubs and why the heck didn’t he oppose this as this certainly has a lot of impact on the Sharks, or maybe he is just too busy running emergency drills which he is never competent in organising!

I fail to understand why the CIRLA is pointing the finger at the Sharks for all this financial mishap when it is really a couple of Rarotonga clubs who are finding it difficult in raising funds to come to Aitutaki to play the Sharks.

The Sharks franchise is always fundraising to cover their expenses and thankfully with the support of the people of Aitutaki who are by the way 100% behind the Sharks.

To the President of the CIRLA, I think that you have your hand in too many baskets and you are so confused in the head, hence why you failed to do your negotiating earlier in the year, and this obviously have affected the Sharks in a big way! I never understood why you got re-elected back on as president.

To Junior Tamati and your boys, forget about this politically driven mess that the CIRLA has thrown at you and just go out there and prove them wrong!

You are doing something great for the island by developing young players through the CISA programme along with Kevin Iro. We in Aitutaki don’t have the privilege of import players or buy players as we train our very own to become better sportsman in the game and yet you (Tupapa) claim that you don’t have the funds to travel to Aitutaki but you certainly have a lot of money to burn when you want to buy players from not only Aitutaki but from other clubs.

We (Sharks) have never relied on imports to lift our standards as we believe in our up and coming players who are trained from grass roots level.

Lastly, to all the clubs and officials on Rarotonga, I hope that you could see a future in the Aitutaki Sharks and not write them off easily. Aitutaki has committed themselves in this competition and they intend to win the competition one day, how long it may take just like the NZ Warriors have done. Please show your support to the Sharks as they look up to you (Rarotonga clubs) for inspiration in the game.