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23 January 2021

‘Extradite Nicholas to face music’

Friday 7 June 2019 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor, I was stunned by the revelation that not only is Albert Nicholas’ arrest warrant still a serious jurisdictional legal matter, but that New Zealand authorities have had to formally apply to our Police Commissioner and Ministry of Justice to have Nicholas extradited back to face their Courts.

Albert, as a result of his own really dumb actions, has brought our island paradise nothing but shame and humiliation.

Come on prime minister Puna, you already should have demanded Nicholas to go back, not wait for them to request his extradition – so pull your finger out and make it happen!

Our Cook Islands people have been given unconditional help and support from the New Zealand government, as well as from our Kiwi whanau, for many, many years. That is because of our special relationship and kinship, but also, as fellow Kiwis, they will always be there for us ... always!

Henry Puna, without doubt our whanau abroad would likely tell you in typical Kiwi fashion: “Stop being a bloody dick and extradite Albert back to New Zealand to face his music!”

Yes, you're supposed to be our Leader, so please stop embarrassing our good name, our people and country; please stop humiliating yourself as a weak leader who is prepared to sacrifice our country for one person.

And Henry, please don't forget to apologise sincerely and profusely to Jacinda and Winston for your lack of decorum regarding your tardiness in arbitrarily expediting Nicholas!

C'est la vie, and God is good, always!

Ashamed Cookie

(name and address supplied)