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Drawing a line…

Thursday 13 September 2018 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Drawing a line…

Dear Editor, Thank you to Jackie Tuara for presenting some of the evidence we have been looking for.

Thanks also to Peter Buck for recording the information. Does that mean we can expect to see only Mangaia and Aitutaki painting their faces during Te Maeva Nui from now on?

If they are going to do it, do it properly. Don’t copy “Kiss”, the American rock band.

Do Maukeans and Rarotongans have the right to copy Mangaia and Aitutaki now too?

I disagree with the rest of her letter though. It’s like saying that since all humankind came out of Africa, we are all brothers and sisters. Where do you draw the line?

Do we have a right to copy the facial markings of the Africans now too?

Samoans have fa’a Samoa, New Zealand Maori have their tikanga and Cook Islanders have their akonoanga. Even if we are all Polynesians, our customs, lore, fashion, etiquette protocols and many other aspects of our way of life differs from each other’s.

By all means promote what is yours. Stop copying someone else’s.

Ie Ko ko