Dog de-sexing comments are ill-informed

Tuesday 25 September 2018 | Written by Jaimie Keay | Published in Letters to the Editor


Dog de-sexing comments are ill-informed

Dear Editor, The comments by “John” in Friday's CINews letter about the dog desexing campaign are unfair.

The estimated number of dogs on Rarotonga needing desexing is about 1500, not 3500 which is the total number of dogs on the island (again estimated).

CISPCA's original aim was 400 dogs, but because the system is operating so smoothly they now hope to manage 800. That should make a huge difference to the number of strays and in a humane way: far better than having the police rounding them up to be shot.

We are very lucky to have National Care Vets from New Zealand providing the desexing service at no cost to the government, the taxpayer or even to CISPCA.

I believe this is a pilot programme for the Pacific islands and it is working well - everyone involved must be very happy.

The dogs are being micro-chipped as well as desexed and this will also reduce the incidence of strays and lost dogs.

CISPCA will not be a laughing stock. It has no way set itself up for a failure and should be congratulated for caring about Cook Islands animals.

Perhaps “John” might consider volunteering to help them in his spare time rather than writing ill-informed, anonymous letters.

Wendy Evans


NOTE: If you want to reserve a spot for your pet call CISPCA's Tony on 25097, or 73362.