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Brett Porter: Tourism revenues

Tuesday 12 May 2020 | Written by Legacy Author | Published in Letters to the Editor


Brett Porter: Tourism revenues

Dear editor, Thomas Wynne (“It’s time to change our tourism”, May 2) asserts that the new order after Covid should be “with us in the driver’s seat, not the foreign interests that used our country as a cash register,” then left.

He said one had to just go to a Cook Islands Tourism breakfast to see who was benefiting from the country’s culture, environment and people.

While Wynne has open slather in his column in Cook Islands News, does anyone vet what goes to print?

Tourism investment is what has created a mainstay for all in our economy. It has worked in an effective and wonderful trickle-down economic manner.

Confidence in our investments is all important to ensure a productive way forward for everyone.

This Saturday’s column has an underlying negative envy-driven perspective.

A much more appropriate tenor would have been a salute to the businesses that are sticking it out for better and reassured successful futures.

This community deserves better.

Brett Porter