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Arorangi beach fascinates visiting fossil-hunters

Friday 17 April 2015 | Published in Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor, we recently had the opportunity to spend a wonderful week in Rarotonga from March 2.

The hospitality of the islanders was simply astonishing. We will definitely be back to your welcoming, beautiful country.

While we were there we spent time exploring an outcrop of fossils on an intertidal zone on a beach in Arorangi.

This was by far the most intact collection of seabed fossils we have ever seen in our lives. Although we are not palaeontologists, we suggest that these fossils are of world class quality and should in fact be studied by the world scientific community. A scientist has told us they are up to two million years old.

We have done some basic research on the Internet and can find no information about their existence.

We mentioned the fossils to staff at the Avarua museum and unfortunately they had no knowledge of what we were talking about. They had informative displays about the migration of people to the Cook Islands but nothing on your prehistory.

We have attached pictures of some of the fossils we found. You will have to be careful that no-one attempts to exploit them commercially.

If anyone wants to discuss them we are currently travelling in Australia and can be reached on our temporary Australian cell number at 0456849432 or aclemphers@icloud.com

We hope that the people of the Cook Islands can gain important knowledge and perhaps even some economic benefits from scientific exploration of these amazing fossils.

Andrea and

Florian Lemphers