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Ngari appointed coach of women’s league

Tuesday 24 July 2018 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in League


Former national touch rep Tai Ngari has been appointed coach of the Cook Islands women’s rugby league side.

Ngari, from the Arorangi Bears, is the first local woman to attain the Cook Islands Rugby League Association (CIRLA) coaching level two accreditation, which is equivalent to the Australian club coach accreditation supported by the Asia Pacific Rugby League Federation.

CIRLA competition manager Taua Benioni said Ngari would be working on putting together a national women’s side to play against a Kuki team travelling with the men’s ‘Australian Kukis’ for the Tri-Series later in the year.

“CIRLA will be assisting her in every way when it comes to coaching and preparing her team for match day,” Benioni said.

“Tai has played a major role for the Arorangi Bears executives and also has a good understanding when it comes to women’s rugby and in this case rugby league.

“I’m sure Tai will do well considering what she has to work with. There hasn’t been any women’s rugby league played on the island and I guess Tai will have a lot of support around her.”

Training for both men’s and women’s teams will be held at the Tupapa Sports Field this Monday, starting at 5pm.

The coaches are asking all players to bring their running shoes, boots and mana.

For further enquiries, contact coach Darren Piri on 54101, Bobby Hansen on 52186, Tai Ngairi on 53525, or Taua Benioni on 50893 or by email at ubenioni@gmail.com.

Women’s residents squad: Rainnier Vainerere, Tereapii Tapoki, Trina Trego, Ruta Moeva, Jamie Gotty, Julz Westrupp, Kotrine Iro, Tarome Urirau, Edith Nicholas, Brookey Tokoa, Priscilla Toko, Moari Allsworth, Lisa Tatakura, Matakeu Boaza, Niotangi Heather, Stephanie Nooroa, Tasha Dean, Samantha Locking, Vaiana Rima, Puru Samania, Vaine Urirau.