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Monday 7 February 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Sports, Touch Rugby


Touch comp enters round two
Masta Manix Touch mixed team after their round one masters mix match on Wednesday last week. PHOTO: PAUL LYNCH/Facebook/22020610

The opening round of the Cook Islands Touch Association open and mixed divisions weekly competition saw some interesting matches last week.

Cook Islands Touch will host round two of their weekly competition with open men’s and women’s games at The Swamp in Avatiu this afternoon.

The association had an exciting start with open grade matches last Monday, featuring eight women and six men’s teams.

Unfortunately, Palmerston have had to pull out of the competition due to not having the numbers to make up a full team, leaving the women’s open division with seven teams.

However the association remains upbeat and anticipates tough and intense competition in this division.

In the men’s round one competition, top bets GAT and Team ATT got off to winning starts. Team ATT beat Nukz Power 6-2 while GAT overcame Evolution 9-5.

In the women’s open division, FBI beat Palmerston 7-0, Nukz Power overcame Bounty Hunters 6-3 while Evolution defeated Team ATT 5-1. Nikz recorded a win by default over Mangaia.

On Wednesday, an exciting round of open mix, U18 mix and Masters mix matches were held.


Men’s – Nukz Power 2 Team ATT 6, GAT 9 Evolution 5, Atiu 7 Palmerston 1,

Women’s – Nikz win by default over Mangaia, Bounty Hunters 3 Nukz Power 6, Evolution 5 Team ATT 1, FBI 7 Palmerston 0.

Open mix – 007 5 Team ATT 4, Evolution 5 Buffalo Bears 6, Outlaws 0 Nukz Power 8.  

U18 mix – Nukz Power 1 BITG 5, Palmerston 3 Team ATT 7

Masters mix – Masta Manix Touch 1 Slow and steady (SAS) 4, Nukz Power 4 Atiu 2.


Monday: Women’s – 4.30pm Field 1 Nukz Power-Mangaia, 5pm F1 Nikz-Evolution, 5.30pm F2 Team ATT-Nukz Power, 6pm F1 Bounty Hunters-FBI.

Men’s – 5pm F2 Nukz Power-Evolution, 5.30pm F1 Atiu    -GAT, 6pm F2 Palmerston-Team ATT.

Wednesday: Mixed divisions: 4.30pm F1 M40 Masta Manix Touch-Atiu, 5pm F2 U18 Nukz Power-Team ATT, F1 OM 007-Buffalo Bears, 5:30 PM F1 OM Outlaws-Evolution        , F2 M40 Nukz Power-SAS, 6pm F2 OM Nukz Power-Team ATT, F1 U18 Palmerston-BITG.