Football festival: ‘Together with Women’

Monday 26 April 2021 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Soccer, Sports


Football festival: ‘Together with Women’
Tupou Patia-Brogan, right, will oversee the ‘She Shines’ festival ‘Together with Women’ on Wednesday. CIFA/21042514

In support of women, the Cook Islands Football Association (CIFA) will be hosting the ‘She Shines’ festival ‘Together with Women’ on Wednesday.

This will be the first time that CIFA has hosted the festival, which will be held at the CIFA complex in Matavera from 10am through to 1pm.

Inspired to empower and support women of all ages, CIFA said it has created this ‘She Shines’ festival “to help bring together women to build a positive relationship and a bond with one another through playing football”.

CIFA said the festival will see the participation of various female football players, as well as women “who come from different aspects of life to not only engage in fun-filled football activities but to also educate each other and show support”.

These will include women in police, the private sector, government sectors, health, sports, and various community groups.

CIFA said during the festival there will be guest speakers, with multiple information booths, as well as “fun and exciting football activities in between each of them to educate and provide information, to build a support system, and bring everyone together through the love of playing football”.

“We will be ending the event with the very popular CC Tamure Fitness directed by Mona Taio.”

Tupou Patia-Brogan, who is overseeing the event, says as the women’s development officer at CIFA her aim for this tournament “is to encourage women to play football and to show them that we are not alone in this world, as well as to create a bond of support with each business in hopes that we will help each other in the near future”.

So, come on down to the CIFA Complex on Wednesday at 10am to experience a fun-filled festival like no other, to empower and support on our Women of the Cook Islands.