All eyes on impressive Avatiu

Wednesday 26 May 2021 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Netball, Sports


All eyes on impressive Avatiu
The Avatiu 8 and under team. AVATIU NETBALL/ 21052525

An intense knockout round over the weekend has set the platform for another exciting week of the Rarotonga Netball Club Competition this weekend.

Avatiu Netball Club will be eyeing for a clean sweep after making it through to the semi-finals in all grades.

Today at the National Sports Arena, the side will feature in the Open 1 and Open 2 semis against Ngatangiia Matavera and Takuvaine respectively.

Avatiu will also feature in the 6 and under, 8U, 10U, 12U, 15U, 17U, Reserves and Premier semi-finals this Saturday.

In all the grades except Open 1 and Reserves, Avatiu directly qualified for the semi-final after finishing in the top two.

Other teams battled it out in a knockout round on Saturday to book their spots in the semis.

Netball Cook Islands’ Tekura Moeka’a congratulated Avatiu for the achievement.

She also congratulated teams who featured in the knockout round which saw an intense battle.

“It also saw the first ‘two’ extra time played out. First in the Open 1 match on Wednesday between Tupapa and Titikaveka. Louina Trego from Titikaveka scoring on the buzzer to draw in normal full time. This meant the teams had to play an extra two halves of seven minutes to determine the winner. Tupapa eventually winning the game by seven points in extra time,” Moeka’a said.

“The second extra time match was played on Saturday in the 8U grade between Nga/Mat and Arorangi. The match of the week ended in 4-all. During extra time, Nga/Mat (placed sixth after the two rounds) caused an upset and now progressing to the semi-finals.”

In the much-anticipated premier grade, Takuvaine and Arorangi battled tooth and nail in a close match.

The tit-for-tat match had the supporters on the edge of their seats.

“It was so close we could have had another extra time. In the last two minutes, Arorangi shooting combo Latisha Mataora and Anna-Marie Heather kept composed under the hoop and Arorangi defenders Stephanie Nooroa, Rima Browne and Jordayn Matutu caused havoc. Takuvaine fought to the end and saw some quick plays to try draw even with Arorangi. Unforced errors proved costly for Takuvaine.”

On behalf of Netball Cook Islands, Moeka’a thanked the umpires and bench officials for playing “a valuable role in ensuring games are officiated at a high standard, noting it is all voluntary”.

“The semi-finals will be even more intense. Come and support your club.”

Entry fee $2 per person.


6U Arorangi 8 Titikaveka 1, 8U Arorangi 4 Ngatangiia 5, 10U Takuvaine 18 Tupapa 7, 12U Arorangi 39 Titikaveka 30, 15U Tupapa 41 Arorangi 31, Open 2 Titikaveka 31 Tupapa 26, Open 1 Tupapa 43 Titikaveka 36, Reserves Avatiu 36 Ngatangiia 28, Premier Arorangi 44 Takuvaine 40. 6U Ngatangiia 2 Takuvaine 1, 8U Tupapa 7 Titikaveka 0, 10U Ngatangiia 15 Titikaveka 3, 12U Tupapa 43 Takuvaine 3, 15U Ngatangiia 34 Takuvaine 4, Open 2 Takuvaine 43 Ngatangiia 15, Open 1 Avatiu 34 Arorangi 28, Reserves Arorangi 50 Takuvaine 39, Premier Tupapa 49 Ngatangiia 36.


Today: Court 1 (Seaside) – 5pm Open 2 Avatiu-Takuvaine, 5.50pm Open 1 Ngatangiia/Matavera-Avatiu; Court 2 (Mountain side) – 5pm Open 2 Arorangi-Titikaveka, 5.50pm Open 1 Takuvaine-Tupapa.

Saturday: Court 1 – 11am 6U Avatiu-Arorangi, 11.20am 8U Takuvaine-Nga/Mat, 11.50am 10U Avatiu-Takuvaine, 12.25pm 12U Avatiu-Arorangi, 1.10pm 15U Avatiu-Tupapa, 2pm 17U Avatiu-Arorangi, 3pm Reserves Tupapa-Avatiu, 4pm Premier Avatiu-Arorangi.

Court 2 – 11am 6U Tupapa-Ngatangiia, 11.20am 8U Avatiu-Tupapa, 11.50am 10U Arorangi-Ngatangiia, 12.25pm 12U Nga/Mat-Tupapa, 1.10pm 15U Titikaveka-Nga/Mat, 2pm 17U Nga/Mat-Takuvaine, 3pm  Reserves Titikaveka-Arorangi, 4pm Premier Titikaveka-Tupapa.