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Thursday 14 July 2022 | Written by RNZ | Published in Regional, Tahiti


Tahiti district battered by massive swells
Flooding in Parapa district, Tahiti Photo: Facebook

French Polynesia is being battered by 8-9 metre swells.

All marine and water related activities are forbidden for most of the territory including going to the beach.

Local authorities have put a red alert level for the Southern and Western islands where the waves are said to be causing a sea level rise.

According to local meterological authorities this is an exceptional phenomenon which hasn't been seen in French Polynesia since 2005.

Some regions have experienced flooding in the Western Coastal district of Parapa on Tahiti island.

Local meterologist for Meteo-France Thierry Dupont told La premiere it's not climate change related.

"We have a strong depression on the south-west of the territory.

"It is not climate change related, we have entered the winter season.

"It's a season where the far in the south creates strong depressions and therefore waves."