Four more Covid-19 cases in Fiji

Thursday 6 May 2021 | Written by RNZ | Published in Fiji, Regional


Four more Covid-19 cases in Fiji
Points in and out of Suva are blocked by police Photo: Fiji police

Fiji's permanent secretary of health James Fong says another four Covid-19 infections were found on Thursday - three in the community.

These include two nurses - one at Lautoka Hospital where more than 400 staff have been in quarantine since Wednesday.

The hospital has been isolated after a male patient contracted Covid-19 and died last evening.

He has become Fiji's first community case to die of the virus and health authorities have concluded that he had caught Covid-19 in the community, and not in the hospital.

Dr Fong said "we suspect this patient was the source point of transmission to the two doctors at Lautoka Hospital who were previously announced as COVID-positive, but we still do not know how he contracted the virus".

He said this means his staff have "an extreme sense of urgency to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, and to prevent more vulnerable Fijians from succumbing to this deadly virus."

The second nurse confirmed with Covid-19 worked at the Raiwaqa Health Centre, which has now been shut down with all relevant personnel and patients quarantined.

That woman's husband was today's third victim.

The fourth is a Tongan soldier who had travelled back to the Pacific with a Fijian soldier who was confirmed with Covid-19 last month.

Police won't tolerate breaches

Fijians have been warned that anyone failing to comply with the Covid-19 physical distancing restriction will be arrested.

Acting police commissioner Rusiate Tudravu said this includes businesses which do not ensure customers observe the two-metre social distance.

He said businesses must also ensure markings for physical distancing are displayed in their stores.

Mr Tudravu said police are closely monitoring restaurants and supermarkets in the containment zone.