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Time to rethink tourism

Friday 8 July 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


Time to rethink tourism

Dear Editor, there has never been a National Sustainability Plan to mitigate mass tourism negative outcomes, (focus is only on positive gains) that affect and impacts our environment, culture, socio- economic and way of life.

Our landfill is overflowing, ex-rental second hand car wrecks are multiplying, solid and waste water is uncontrolled with discarded whiteware, used batteries and techno-hardware, polluting domestic places. We will be facing a major catastrophe.

We need to take action now.

Paul Raui Pokoati Allsworth


Sad fact is that the former Mayor of Manukau City Council, Sir Barry Curtis visited our shores and produced the Rarotonga Apopo proposal for our benefit. This proposal identified issues relating to upgrades of water and waste water, roading and infrastructure matters.

I recall the Member for Titikaveka, Aunty Sel warning us just a few years ago of the challenges we would face with the increase in tourism numbers if we did not address the issues mentioned above ... and I agree Paul (Allsworth), when are we going to produce medium to long term active plans that are sustainable for our present and future lives and wellbeing for our people. And when are we going to stick to them.

Hugh Graham


A dedicated cycle lane and pedestrian pathway around the island would be wonderful. Imagine the mama being able to walk safely to the neighbours. How much life quality we would gain! We could teach our children how to cycle in a safe environment and not being afraid of being hit by massive oversized pickup trucks. Our children might even safely cycle to school. Something absolutely normal when I grew up. My parents didn’t have to rush us to school once. Tourists would love exploring the island on “island time” as well. Win-win.

Tim Meyer


Ui Ariki Day

The only day that should be kept Holy is the Sabbath. No man on earth has the right to claim they are greater than God or Jesus. So therefore, no man deserves a day to be Holy on behalf of their own reasoning.

The Ui Ariki is not an embodiment of Christ, but for the people. Asking for this, simply is asking to be worshipped. Only the Lord is worthy of Days like this. Hence why He has made the Sabbath Day.

Respect is only earnt, if the Ui Ariki is looking for more respect, then show the respect to your blood. Maybe then the people will listen. Using media to get a message across like this is not the way to do it. Talk to the people, make them understand it, instead of trying to make us feel bad for something that was never a problem in the first place.

Cruz Robati