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PR handouts the real ‘stunt’

Thursday 5 May 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Opinion


PR handouts the real ‘stunt’

Dear Editor, the actions of the CEO of the Office of the Oppositions should not define the integrity of the Democratic Party.

Myself, and other members for the Democratic Party were surprised and shocked to read last week’s article and knew it would be followed with damaging consequences aimed toward the party.

Mark Brown, this is not a "political stunt", you handing out 140 PRs right before the general elections is a political stunt.

Yours Sincerely,

Sammy Mataroa

Happy Apii Avarua pupils score 100 percent attendance

Wow, that’s great news despite Covid-19 times. 100 per cent attendance starts everything off on a great note.

Franky Browne Toa

Air Rarotonga set to resume Tahiti flights

Why would you want to go to Tahiti, and yet our Outer Island’s has plenty to offer. The northern group has way more to offer.

Tommy Strickland

Let Tahiti come over. The XPF currency there they can spend heaps in the Cooks, but if the Cooks go to Tahiti the New Zealand currency is bad. Te akaroa you have to rob the BCI to go to Tahiti.

Maurice Simeon Turia

Calls to raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour

I agree long overdue. What can they afford with $8 especially those with mortgages to pay then you have your shopping you won't have anything for savings. Food prices are up to the moon over there lol. You all have to go back to living off the land plant for yourselves. Te akaroa.

Tekura Rio

Aitutaki Covid-19 related death not TMO’s fault: PM

Our government and TMO made the decision to open our borders and I can understand their actions. But they can't just keep acknowledging and accepting the positive whilst taking no responsibility and making excuses for the consequences of their actions.

Mark Rere

PM announces Sheraton re-development

Will wait until it’s completed as we have been down this track many times before. Any 'sod turning' ceremony with big kaikai, which I think has been the best part of the failures in the past. All the best.

Ngateina Rani

Hopefully, this project won't fail like others in the past. It’s been a long time sitting idle and now it’s up and go. Good luck to those who are involved in this new venture with positive minds, but don't let the negative creep in (otherwise) we will be back to square one again. Cheers, all.

Tua Rangi Mokotua