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4 December 2021


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4 December 2021


LETTERS: Tree gone and it’s hot, hot, hot!

Thursday 30 September 2021 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Tree gone and it’s hot, hot, hot!

Letters for Thursday September 30, 2021

Dear Editor

So disappointing to see that last remaining tree adjacent to Café Jireh/RSA taken out. It afforded shade and greenery, now just open space and hot, hot, hot!  Those three Toa trees next to CITC main store facing the Lotto shop have recently been ‘trimmed’ – hard to find an uglier trim result. No doubt they will be earmarked for quiet removal sometime soon.

And now only that last Tamareni tree on the other side of the road remains, and is being threatened by development – beautiful grand old tree, but sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps an EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) could save it as its removal would have a major impact on our environment, especially from a historical, visual and shade perspective.

Does anyone really care about the visual beauty of Rarotonga? It would seem ‘no’ is the answer, as so many trees are being ripped out all over the island.

Tree hugger

(Name and address supplied)

Vaccinated tourists

Please only allow those vaccinated. No vaccination no entry. I have a friend and a family member recovering from the effects of Covid.

1. Nephew in ICU relying on a breathing machine to keep him alive, 70 per cent of his lungs was infected.

2. A friend from the Philippines had lost all taste from her taste buds for almost two months and slightly can taste food now.

It obviously had different levels of how it affects you. The elderly and those with weak immune system don't stand a chance apparently.

Emanuel Oa Oaariki


Suicide Day

World Suicide Day has gone and no one sent in passionate pleas to the government to protect our children. The high incidence of child abuse in this country has been documented, which can contribute to a number of young people taking their lives.

We need more focus on this area, our children need more help. Alcohol and drugs are not the answer.

Concerned citizen

(Name and address supplied)


On World Ocean Clean-up Day, staff from one business picked up 90kg of rubbish from the beach. There are no tourists here to blame, everyone complains its visitors who dump rubbish when clearly it is the locals.

There should be fines for dumping bottles, tyres and nappies etc on our beaches. Have some pride people, don’t treat our Paradise like a toilet, have some akangateitei – respect, keep our beaches clean.


(Name and address supplied)